Allard Lecture

Virgin Galactic is the Spaceline for Earth whose mission is to connect the world to the love, wonder and awe created by space travel. In 2024's Allard lecture, Dr. Hughes will tell the story of Virgin Galactic and how the company is opening access to 'space for all'. Following a review of the company's first year of commercial operations, Virgin Galactic's suborbital spaceflight profile and correlate environmental & physiologic challenges will be detailed. Dr. Hughes will summarize how the Virgin Galactic medical team is enabling mission success via 6 primary lines of effort: the pilot medical program, the future astronaut medical program, suborbital spaceflight medical standards, cabin occupancy and safety, astronaut training, and emergency response preparedness. Additionally, Dr. Hughes will highlight how Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) from across the globe can participate in the medical evaluation of Virgin Galactic future astronauts.

Duncan Hughes

Ayres de Montenegro Conference

Journey to Mars: hands-on experience

For the Portuguese Aerospace Medicine Society annual eponymous lecture, João Lousada (click on photo for bio) will talk about his work on the International Space Station as Flight Director, and his experience in several Mars analog missions. João will address the main challenges and considerations of a future human mission to Mars, as well as which steps are being taken today to reach that goal.

João Lousada

3rd Joint Portugal/Brazil Aerospace Medicine Societies Conference

This is the third time the Portuguese-speaking aerospace medicine colleagues organize a joint programme. This Conference is led by the Portugal and the Brazil Societies (SMAPor and SBMA) but other Lusophone colleagues are expected to join in the discussion of topics of shared interest. The Conference will be held in Portuguese but the slide presentations will be written in English, so even if you can't speak Portuguese you are most welcome. Check back for details of the definitive programme.

Flora Rodrigues

Rosirene Gessinger

Iberian Aerospace Medicine Societies Conference

The Portugal and Spain Aerospace Medicine Societies (SMAPor and SEMA) are putting together an exciting programme of special interest for AMEs and other aeromedical practitioners in diverse contexts. This Conference will be spoken in both Portuguese and Spanish, but the slide presentations will be written in English, so you are welcome to attend even if you can't speak any of those two Iberian languages. Check back for details of the definitive programme.

Anabela Resende Jorge

Carlos Velasco Díaz