Duncan Hughes

Dr. Duncan Hughes is the Chief Medical Officer at Virgin Galactic, where he collaborates with a team of experts to democratize access to space. With a comprehensive approach spanning spaceflight requirements, medical standards, and human systems integration, Dr. Hughes draws on his experience in both the Armed Forces and the private sector to advance Virgin Galactic's mission. Prior to his time with Virgin Galactic, Dr. Hughes served as a physician and Chief Flight Surgeon in the United States Air Force for nearly three decades. Following his retirement from active duty, he assumed the role of Medical Director for an occupational medicine practice, providing support to an 8,500-person hospital system in addition to external corporate clients. Dr. Hughes brings a unique mixture of experience and training (Occupational, Aerospace & Family Medicine) to bear on the novel challenges inherent in spaceflight provided by a publicly-traded, commercial start-up where the astronauts more closely resemble the clientele in an Internal Medicine clinic waiting room than graduates of the NASA astronaut selection process.