Carlos Velasco Díaz

Born in Madrid (Spain) on May 26th, 1958.
Graduate in Medicine and Surgery in 1981 at the Medical School of the Complutense University  (Madrid).
Specialist in Occupational Medicine and Aerospace Medicine since 1987.
Educated at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (San Antonio, TX).
Flight Surgeon (1986) and Aeromedical Examiner (AME) (1987).
Retired as Colonel on May 2023.
He has been working for the Spanish Armed Forces as Medical Officer from 1982 to 2023.
From 1988 to June 2019 he had been assigned at the Centro de Instrucción de Medicina Aeroespacial (C.I.M.A.) (Spanish Institute of Aerospace Medicine) in Madrid, where he developed his activity in the field of aerospace medicine as medical assessor for flight personnel (military and civilian), participating in the clinical activities, selection process for astronauts for the European Space Agency (ESA) (1991), physiological training (hypoxic laboratories -hypobaric and normobaric hypoxia-, spatial disorientation, night vision labs, high Gs environment...), and teaching, becoming Head of the Educational Branch (1990- 2015), Head of the Aviation Medicine Department (2015-2018) and finally Director of the Spanish Institute of Aerospace Medicine.
From July 2019 to May 2023 he had been assigned at the Surgeon General Office at the Spanish Air Force Head Quarters as Medical Advisor in Aerospace Medicine.
Member of the Aviation Medicine Working Group of the European Air Group (EAG AvMed WG) from 2000 to 2023, and Chairman of the Group (2019 - 2023).
Member of the Military Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee (CITAAM) from August 2019 to his retirement. 
Author/co-author of seven books on Aviation Medicine and Human Factors.
Associate Professor of Human Factors at Universidad Politécnica (Madrid) (UPM), Human Factors instructor at several Flight Schools and Air Traffic Controllers Schools, and teacher in the Aeromedical Examiners Courses organized by the Spanish Society of Aerospace Medicine (S.E.M.A.) and the Spanish Civil Aviation Administration (AESA) according to JAA / EASA Regulations.
Current President of the Spanish Society of Aerospace Medicine (S.E.M.A.) since 2017.