Felice Strollo

Affiliation: Head of the Endocrine Unit, Elle-Di, Rome; Researcher, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome; Lecturer Department of Pharmacology and Biomolecular Sciences, Milan University, Italy

Education: graduated in Medicine (1974); postgraduated in Endocrinology (1977), Aerospace Medicine (1984), Nuclear Medicine (1987) and Bioethics (II. Level Master, 2005).

Research and Professional Experience:
· winner of two research grants at the WHO Human Reproduction Laboratory, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden (1975 and 1980)
· Life Sciences Co-Pi and PI in two space missions (SL1, 1983 and D2, 1993, respectively)
· participant in several ESA multinational experiments and Topical Teams for endocrinology and aging
· Participant in the EASA.2022.C20 Project on insulin treated pilots and ATCOs

Professional Appointments:
· Former Coordinator of the Endocrine.Metabolic Department of INRCA (Italian National Research Centers on Aging)
· Former Teacher of “Pathophysiology of Man in Space” at the Postgraduate School of Aerospace Medicine, Rome University “Sapienza”

· Vice-President of AIMAS (Italian Association of Aerospace Medicine)
· Secretary General of ESAM (European Society of Aerospace Medicine)
· Vice-President of ANIAD (Italian Association of Athletes with Diabetes)
· ANIAD Representative to IDF (International Diabetes Federation)
· President of SIGerO (Italian Society of Onco-Geriatrics)
· President of AIMAA (Italian Academy of AntiAging Medicine)