Sofia Vidigal e Almada

Sofia Vidigal e Almada has worked in aviation medicine for over twenty years as flight surgeon  of the Portuguese Air Force (PoAF). She was the former chief of Department for training and prevention of Aviation Medicine Centre of PoAF and director of the Pos-graduate course on Aeronautic Medicine of the Air Force Academy for several years. She is currently professor of Human Limitations on Lusophone University.  

She regularly is invited to lecture in various aviation medicine courses in several Portuguese Universities about Ophthalmology, colour vision, circadian rhythm, toxicology and has co-authored articles and book chapters.

Sofia is Ophthalmologist and holds a Master’s in tumoral, vascular and inflammatory diseases of the retina. She is a certified class 1&2 EASA and take the Advanced Course on Aviation Medicine by the European Air Group.

She is a founding member of SMAPor, the Portuguese Aerospace Medicine Society, of which she was the first General-Secretary.  She was also involved on the creation of the Board of Aerospace Medicine in The Portuguese Medical Association and  is now responsible for that Board.

Sofia feels honoured to have been given the opportunity to chair ICAM 2024 Scientific Committee, and believes the programme will reflect the diversity of aerospace medicine topics and the importance of all areas of Medicine as well as allied professions for flight safety.